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    Metal Corner Litter pans - Available Soon!

    I have a corner pan with a wire grate and my chin uses it regularly. He does push it around, but has not managed to spill anything out of it yet.
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    Sebaschin is 1 year old

    I'm just finishing my birthday shredded wheat. Oh, don't worry, I'll get the crumbs after my picture is taken.
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    Resting through the day on one paw??

    I refer to mine guy as a 'little buddah'. He'll be sound asleep with both hands tucked in. If you watch him long enough you'll see him start to tip over to one side or the other.
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    Saving on Shipping?

    I sure like to know, and it got you an addition to my order as well! Now I just need to get another bin to store additional sticks in for the wood-chipper, ummm I mean chinchilla.
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    Great Vendors

    I get Sebaschin's wood from Rhonda and Mazuri from Susan. He tears through Rhonda's wood like there is no tomorrow and 10# of Mazuri doesn't last long either. Both have shipped very quickly. Even across the country, it's still cheaper to pay the shipping than going to the local PetSmart.
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    We bought a cage from Quality Cage to take our guy camping with us. It is a little bit shorter than a single level FN and has a metal tray that the cage attaches to. The cage itself collapses into the tray so it is compact for transporting/storage. Sebaschin is used to a two story FN so we...
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    Does your chin squeak back at you?

    Mine will squeak quite loudly when he wants something. Last night, I came home and his room was dark and quiet. As soon as I rounded the corner to where he could see me he started. He would not stop until I turned on the light and the TV. Then he took up his shelf-potato position and stared...
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    Too cute not to share

    I hope you enjoyed your dinner. Did you being me some sticks?
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    A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin. He has gone through it and I need to...

    A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin. He has gone through it and I need to order another 10#. Shipping to zip 15068. Can you give me a quote including shipping - I remember your website is setup for local delivery. Thanks, Chris
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    Wood & Treats

    I just placed an order for a box of wood through your website. Sebaschin loved the first round and is starting to get a little low. Need to restock to keep him happy.
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    I have made a few purchases (food, chillers, sticks, willow toys) from members on this forum and have had no trouble. You just need to do your due diligence before you make the purchase. I stick with people that are frequent posters to start with, then look for any threads related to that...
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    Could be the cat. My sister-in-law stopped in one evening and Sebaschin went nuts when she went near the cage even though he was on the other side of the bars from her. We figured that, since she had a cat, the scent was on her hands. She has been back since and washes her hands before coming...
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    My Chin Bites ...

    I have been bit, and yes, you know when they want to bite vs. Nibbling or grooming. Sebaschin got hold of my finger tip about a week after we got him and drew blood. He has only nibbled since and does so any time I scratch his chest/belly area.
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    Chin for sale! Gotta go NOW!

    I forgot about the squirrels. I hear they toss out chipmunks and mice as distractions. I'm going to let him out now while it is still light outside so he can find his way back home.
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    Chin for sale! Gotta go NOW!

    I know my chinchilla likes apple and pear wood. Is it OK to open the door and let him go out to the woods and pick out some other kinds? We do have some cherry that smells really good in the campfires. Also, do you think that he is fast enough to outrun the owl that lives back there?