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    Thank you for your response. The vet put them on the oral anti fungal because the anti fungal cream was not working it was such a...
  • tunes
    tunes replied to the thread How soon.
    As long as you have a contained area where you can scoop him up and put him away, you can let him out any time. If you've got him...
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    tunes replied to the thread Ringworm!! Advice needed!!!.
    They put baby chins on oral antifungal? I'm very surprised. For future reference, I suggest using either topical Blu-Kote or putting...
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    Hello I need some advice regarding ringworm. I got two baby chins two months ago and three days into having them I noticed one of them...
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    Chinmama replied to the thread Likely teeth problems with chin.
    You may need to continue hand feeding for a while, at least until you notice her eating on her own and maintaining her weight.
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    Idgie replied to the thread Kiln dried oak?.
    Poplar has less knot holes than pine & is pretty easy to find at home improvement stores.
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    DawnStar reacted to Zahrii's post in the thread Cushion with Like Like.
    Double layered fleece isn't squishy enough, unfortunately. Luckily it's not major bumblefoot, it's only a small abscess. He got it from...
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    DawnStar replied to the thread How much critical care is safe?.
    sorry for the late reply! Been crazy with COVID for my work. Unfortunately, mine did not make it :(. I hope yours is doing well????
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    2 weeks of baytril/reglan and a probiotic is done. We stopped hand feeding her (we were feeding her 60 ml a day) and she was eating and...
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    ChinySkratcher replied to the thread How to regain trust.
    Thank you guys! I will definitely try this.
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    SweeSwee does the same thing. I can pet and scratch her all over her face and ears, chest, front feet and under side. She especially...
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    Chinmama replied to the thread Beds.
    Never heard of this either.
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    Chinmama replied to the thread Noise.
    My two chinchillas were never caged together, but I could hear them "talking" to each other quite often. Just quiet chirping and...
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    I have had my chinchilla Sheldon and his new pal taco in different cages in the same room spread apart. It’s been 3 days and tonight...
  • Madip
    That’s exactly how mine is too!!
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