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    My new violet baby! -- lots of pics

    I think I almost died from this much of cuteness! Congrats on the new stunning & gorgeous baby!
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    New Chin!

    she's absolutely precious!
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    How to deal with this customer regarding chinchilla death

    I agree! I would not give her a dime and tell her to save her lame story for the judge...
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    is Varg really a brown velvet?

    I've seen his CL ads before. Did you specifically ask for a brown velvet when you purchased your chin?
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    is Varg really a brown velvet?

    I am in LA area and am curious what is the name of the breeder you bought him from?
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    A gift from Peri

    What a wonderful gift and she's beautiful!
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    Poop and Roomba?

    We have a roomba but I feel more thorough by sweeping the chin room. It doesn't pick up the larger hay and wood shaving pieces.
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    My Boys

    nice cage and adorable babies!
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    X3 and X4

    adorable beyond words!
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    Snuggle Tube Pictures

    Here is Autumn sleeping like a baby... My cute little Jacob Sir FC obviously doesn't get it... and Coco who spends 50% of her time in her fav Play N' Snooze Tunnel from Simply Chintastics
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    My Mocha Pants

    Sasha, I love all of your babies. Sorry for your loss and XOXO to you and Latte...
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    Crazy Koda!

    Note to self: Must not think about getting a black velvet!
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    It's the Grand Chawhee's Birthday...

    I can't help but to notice that HUGE piece of manzanita. Where did you get it? I've been looking for something similar for my cage...
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    Mister Moose

    wow he's gotten so big!! I love the last two photos they are too darn cute!
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    All about Bear!

    awwww... Bear is a darling! My Jacob has very similar expressions... they are almost identical!