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Pooper Scooper
Jan 29, 2009
New Orleans, LA
We can all post our FN's here, to give people ideas on how to set up the interiors!!
Here's my Rodent Room:

Both cages are laid out basically the same, here's the top:

and bottom:

So, what did you do with YOUR Ferret Nation? :D
Here's my FN Walls:

Left to right: Mocha/Latte (cagemates); Scoot/Hemi (separated); Loki/Bailey (cagemates)


Top Level: Kobie&Kumiko (getting a new level for them soon!); Bottom level: Baloo


Annnd Morgan, Madden and Paxton are currently in a smaller cage for the time being but will soon be upgraded to a two-level FN :)
ok i just need a chin interior designer because yalls look so much better
Kara - Monday Tuesday? What's with the pan labels :p?
It helps her keep track of all two FNs she has to clean. Dementia is settling in rather early in her case and keeping track of cleaning two cages is very difficult for her. Poor thing. :p
I have 2 FN 142s and I'm buying an FN 141 tomorrow for my newest little guy.





I took the longest time debating between FNs and the cages I have now, from eBay. The length of the FNs was the bad point for those :(

I wonder if the new Critter Nations are baby safe? I believe so.
Same here! I want a FN, that's been designed by you all! They are really cute houses, I love all the bridges and cute little tunnels and houses. It's so colorful and cute! Does anyone ever have a problem with your chins chewing on the fleece liner on the bottom? It's a good idea, but I could see my two chewing it up!
I am new to the FN club. I finally bought my first one a couple of weeks ago. Here are my pics but I'm going to redo things this weekend.



I have ordered a bottom pan and plan to hit Home Depot to make more shelves! AND I plan on getting another Chin Spin.
That looks nice Tanya; lots of fun stuff happening in there. They'll love the Chin Spin when it comes I'm sure. Pip, Oscar and Max took to the CS right away but Feeney never as much sat on it and I'd had him four months.

Two or three nights ago I saw this white thing going around on the CS like a pro and I assumed it was Pip except he was sitting at my feet chewing on a toy. It was Feeney! It's like he'd always had a wheel. I think he might have been wheelin' in the night though, lol. Definitely a good investment.