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  • Hey, I miss you! Sorry I haven't been around, I have finals next week and one of them determines whether I graduate or not! No kidding! I've been looking for you in chat but I guess you're busy too. <3 : ) (dang smileys)
    hey..havent seen u in a wee while. Maybe you were in chat but i forget? Hmm...What about your finals now? Done or not long left? xox.
    Of course! Alex is going to play a serial killer! He can kill me anytime baby!!! Can you just imagine the Shemar/Alex shots!!! Yummy! I wish I new how to capture pictures from the flipping tv!!!
    Alex O Loughin is going to be on Criminal Minds! Can you believe it Alex and Shemar on the same show!!! He's going to play a serial killer and I'm betting it's going to be the season finale--2 hours long! I can't wait!!!!
    I was in chat tonight! I got to talk to Peggy, Megan and Shayna! Then Allison and Deb came on. Very nice. I'm definitely going to be on tomorrow. I'm going to hang with Lisa for a bit though so I might not be able too. She doesn't know her wireless key so I can't get on there.
    My laptop is here!! Yay! Only problem is we can't get the wireless to work! Stewart is going to mess around with it a bit and if we can't figure it out then I'm calling cable or Dell support.

    But it came 2 weeks early! It's really nice, very glossy so it picks up smudge marks, but that's okay. I'm so happy I have one. Hopefully I'll be in chat on Friday and be on over the weekend!!!
    He'll be there, but girlfriend I'm going to want to play on that thing! How the heck do you have so many flipping stars! That's ridonkulous! Who knows maybe I'll ask off that day--or maybe the Friday after. And I might not even get it on that day either--there has been a delay lately with Dell's. John cancelled 2 orders from them because it kept taking longer and longer and longer.

    I'm not cancelling though! I'm going to get that laptop--I've been waiting forever for one!
    Laptop should be delivered on 4/29/09! Talk about dilemna--that's the day I'm going to meet JR Ward! Now I'm trying to decide if I should take that day off or not! I'm going to want to play with my laptop not go to work for crying out loud!
    I ended up falling asleep, if it wasn't obvious. Sleep like a baby and it was awesome.
    why do they get freckles?? do you know? im going to ad that to my thread
    I ORDERED my laptop!!! Yep I ordered it at 11:30 pm Friday night! I think I got a heck of a deal--$549 4gb of memory and 320 gb hard drive. It's a Dell. I'm trying to find an Elvis laptop skin for it! LOL! Anyway it's supposed to be shipped the 29th of April!!!
    I'm ordering my laptop!!! Hopefully I'll have it by the end of the month! Then I can finally go into chat!!! Yay!!!
    Hey Sasha :) My apartment is a disaster so I'm cleaning it, I'll be in and out but I'm home tonight.
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