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  • Hi Brando!!!! How are you?? I've been watching your future wife. I'm not sure who I want for her yet though. I think I'll need a bit more time.
    Daisy of Love premiers April 26! I just saw the super trailer for it on! I'm definitely watching this one, Brando! 12pak from I Love New York is on it! Boy these guys sure look wild and crazy! There is a set of triplets on it for crying out loud!
    I haven't seen Tough Love at all! Chantel says there's a girl on there who says she's a vampire! I really think he's going to pick Taya. I think Mindy has fallen in his eyes a bit!
    It's going to be a great show Brando! I need something to lighten my spirits! I can't imagine who's going win on Skank Bus--either Taya or Mindy--but I like them both!
    Skank of Love Bus! Have you seen it?!!!
    I saw a clip for Daisy's new show and she looks really good Brando! You're going to faint I just know it!
    Hey Brando! How's it going! Congrats on your nice Assembly thing! I hope you'll fill me in on everything! It sounds very prestigious and exciting.
    I'm going to try to get caught up with I Love Money just for you! I'm also going to try to catch the Mud Bowl on the computer over the next couple of days.
    Did I tell you how much I like these colors? They are SO relaxing!
    I can't believe you have 3 stars already! Holy cow you must be doing nothing but going on the forums and not doing your homework! LOL!
    You and your big hair girl Ashley! I'm really not liking Farrah at all--she annoys me so much! I didn't get to watch the mudbowl yet but I recorded it so hopefully I'll check it out this week.
    Hi, the boys are doing well. No, not moving now, however immigration papers to Canada can take well over a YEAR to obtain. I started the whole process about 8 months ago. I am now in the home stretch. I imagine the actual move will happen in about 4 months or so. I am already looking at condos in Montreal. I will also have to do a crash course in French. EEK!!!
    Yep I'm sure Daisy's show will run after Brett. I was really liking Beverly on Skank but then she kissed the drummer--not cool Beverly, EVEN THOUGH Brett macks with all the girls LOL!
    I know you like Angelique so this ought to be good!
    We'll have to keep each other updated!!!
    Ok I know you are the reality show addict with me. I thought it was hysterical how none of the girls got that offended at first about the new girls coming onto the Skank Bus.
    haha, thanks. I'm trying to get it back to how it was on CnQ. I need to upload some albums :)

    are you still on break?
    Skank Bus definitely--ooh I like your colors here Brandon, but no not Tool Academy and I didn't watch Double Shot at Love. I haven't caught any episodes of I Love Money yet either.
    What do you think of Skank Bus so far? I see your big haired girl is still in the running!
    Hi Brandon!

    Not moving for a while (probably 5 or 6 months) unless you are referring to the move from CNQ to CNH, and that move was nice and easy!
    I LOVE PANR, it has done wonders with my animals. My vet even called and asked if I had found a new vet, because she had not seen us for awhile! I swear it has health benefits, as well as helps overall with weight, coat, and energy. Great food IMO.
    Nice to "see" you again Brandon!!! I am glad you found your way back to the new "home"!
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