Hi again from Stacie & Playchins!

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I bite.
Jan 29, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
Just thought I would say hello and welcome back everyone! The Playchins and I are still here..so a "Hi" from Smudge, Mako, Koda, Roo, Kuma, and Felix!! I also took a lot of pictures since I have been snowed in the past few days..I will have to post them once I get home!
Stacie!!! Whoo hoo you've found us :) Can't wait to see some pictures..especially of smudge! He's such a cutie!
Stackie! Well, it wouldn't be the same without ya, now would it? :)
Hi Stacie!! Good to see you again! Can't wait for more pictures of the playchins. :)
Haha Kara, that's what I just spent the past 2 hours doing...unburying my car..and no it STILL isn't unburied yet. All I accomplished was getting a sore back.

Nice to see everyone!!