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  • Hey,
    I'm assuming you are the same Megan from chat (apologies if you're not). But I'm interested in your boys.. especially the really dark one. As far as purchasing goes, I was hoping to find something in the $75-100 range. I'll be honest, I know nothing as far as show quality / pedigrees go.. so that may be way low ball pricing for either of them. I'm really looking for another pet to eventually be a cagemate for Gemini.. I don't have the time or resources to bog myself down with breeding so if you have others that you are selling that might be of that description.. let me know. I want to see if those CL chins need homes.. and if I bring more than one home my boyfriend will think I've gone loopy. So let me know you're thoughts. I probably wouldn't want to commit until sometime in November either.. so by all means, if you have other buyers don't wait on me.
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