Scratch on Cornea

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Jan 29, 2009
Middle of the Atlantic
So, I took Binx to the vet and he has a scratch on his right cornea.
So, I was given some ointment and told to come back in 2 weeks.
But it still seems like he is bugging his eye- the fur has the "wet" look and is all messed up? I never actually see him scratch it, however.

Is there anything I can do before I visit the vet? :confused:
It could be still wet looking from the ointment staying on his fur. And being an ointment, he's probably trying to wipe it off after you put him back in his cage.
If you're bringing him back to the vet and they say that he still needs to have eye medication, I would ask for drops, they're so much easier!
I agree, it's probably the ointment making his fur look icky. It can make the fur look pretty nasty until a few dust baths have been taken.
Poor Binx! I always get the drops, the ointment is horrible. I hope he feels better soon.
Yeah, i've had some bad experiences with ointments too. I currently have some drops that Kodee is getting and it's not nearly as messy.

You have to give the drops more often, but it's much easier to deal with than the ointment. Scratched corneas can take a while to heal. I hope Binx heals up faster than ZZ - he had the drops for 8 months!
Some chins are actually allergic to the ointments because they are patroleum based and can be more irritating than good. Using drops makes a huge difference.
I actually had this happen last year. Had to rush my guy to the emergency vet at the University Vet Hospital. He was given drops. It was a pain twice a day but he did get better.

When he came home, his brother tried to comfort him.