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  • Hi Allison
    I was wondering if you could make a fleece cover for the FN shelf? I recently upgraded to the 142 and I need some liners and I was very excited to see Cholla Man back in stock, so I'm going to place a order but wanted to check about the shelf covers first.
    Thanks a bunch,
    I placed an order for zebra hammocks, spoon stacks, and a whole mess of chewies a couple of months ago and just wanted to let you know how much my chins have been enjoying everything since then! The hammocks are beautiful and get a lot of use!
    Hello, I'm Leesha and I'm new to CnH. I saw your site (Camphor Chins) and I really like it a lot. Some of the people on here told me that you are closing on Dec. 31, though. Is that right?

    Update: Oh, I'm sorry, I misunderstood them. I love your stuff though and will probably order some shortly for my new baby chin!
    Hi I just wanted to say I got a hammock, fleece cubie, hay holder and pillow from you today and they look awesome. Thanks! I was getting them for the kit I'm bringing home next week, I hope he loves it :)

    Hey alli i have a question my friends chinchilla was peeing a redish color do you know what that may be i have a picture if you would like it
    Do you still have loofa seeds and are you willing to sell them? I just came across your giant loofah thread
    Do you have any wheels for sale???
    Hi can you answer a question for me... I opened the tin I keep the chin food in and found all kinds of little black bugs. It is the last of the food I have for my litte guy and I am scared to feed it to him. Is there anything I can give him until his food arrives?
    Thank you
    :HBwhistle::HB12::HB11::HBballoons2::HBballoons::HBballoons4: I hope it's a good one! my boys love your stuff and Hammie is doing great.

    Hi, I made a thread saying I would make banners for anyone's sites if they wanted for free, I used your site as an example for a banner, I really hope that's ok! I can take it down if you want. Here's the banner:
    Hi, I was just looking at your website and I see so many things I want to order. Do you take any other type of payments besides PayPal? I haven't used my PayPal account in years and can't remember my passwords or anything about it.
    heyy...I'm in Cali (93101) if I ordered some food from you...idk say Wed. when would it get to me???

    I'm debating grabbing another 5lb bag here (almost $14.00) or just ordering from you.
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