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I saw a beautiful, friendly, super sweet Moluccan cockatoo at the flea market today. He stole my heart. He is 3. He is so pretty, salmon colored with bright orange head feathers. I know nothing about birds, and from what I hear on youtube they are SO loud! This one was so quiet for the 20 minutes I held him.

I don't know if that would be the right bird for me though, but this particular bird cuddled me and was the sweetest bird I have ever seen. I really want one, and my husband is considering it! I would also maybe like a very smart bird like an African grey. The Moluccan was $1500, is that a decent price? I want to do much more research first, so I know I want a bird that lives 65 years! He will have to be in my will! And will it bother the chins a lot of they are in a separate room with closed doors? How messy is a big bird, I had a cockatiel and it was so messy! I can imagine the big birds!
The worst part of a cockatoo is the dust (dander?) that goes everywhere from them. I have a macaw and was going to get a too, but was told they couldn't be in the same room with each other because of the dust the too puts out. They are also very clingy, worse from what I understand, than macaw is. Sparky is like a perpetual 2-year-old old, so if a cockatoo is worse, you'll need to spend a substantial part of your evening with him.

My chins aren't even phased by Sparky. Even when he starts screaming (he's my guard bird) they just snooze away.

Before we took Sparky, we had a family meeting. I needed to know that one of my kids would be willing to take him after I died, because Sparky was only 1 year old and I'm in my 40's. As long as he stays healthy, he will outlive me by a good amount of years. I needed to know they were willing to take him on. I'm sure someone else would, but these big birds really bond with their families and I would never want to have him just end up in a strangers home, especially at that advanced of an age. So that's something to think about with leaving him in your will. He/she needs to go to someone they know. It's going to be traumatizing enough on them losing you, a strangers household would just be too much

$1500.00 sounds like a good price, maybe even a little low. I've seen them go higher.
I wouldn't judge him by just 20 minutes. Cockatoos in general are very, very loud and noisy birds. They also go through a phase where they LOVE you (as they are still babies/growing) and when they turn to their teenage years can decide they totally hate you, and want nothing to do with you anymore. This is when many of the cockatoos are rehomed and given up... as it can turn into a very scary situtation.

That is my limited knowledge of too's.. Amazing birds, but need to truely be with the right owner. I would do some major, major research before bringing a too home.
Holy cow Megan, that is SO loud. I definitely need to think about that. I have no allergies but a few odd medicines, so the dander would not bother me, and I would never get another bird. Are African grey parrots any better noise wise, that is louder than my alarm! Do they warn you if an intruder comes?
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Excellent site Megan. I honestly didn't think anything could be louder than Sparky screaming until I was in a room with a pissed off cockatoo. Yeeeesh! Sparky can give you a migraine when someone rings the doorbell and he is giving you a warning, but cockatoos are something else.
I had wandered into a bird store/rescue, and observed a lot of large birds for about an hour. I really liked the too's. They looked like a lot of fun and were quite clownish. But while I was there, if I took my attention off of them to another bird, they would become very loud and obnoxious. I think I would still get a too in the future, if the time was right, but I did get a cockatiel, a much smaller bird, and she is very demanding of my time and constantly poops on me and anything she is on. I am constantly cleaning poop from my furniture and floor, and my clothes. I can't imagine what a larger bird must leave behind! I have one tiel and 4 keets, and they aren't as loud as the larger birds, but they do make quite a racket at times. The keets live next to my chin, and Tink isn't bothered by them in the least. The only drawback is when we want to go on vacation and have to figure out what to do with not only a chin, but the birds as well.
Rescue a 'too... :heart:

You are more likely to find an older bird that has already gone through the adolescence from hell phase.. DESERVES a second chance (or third or fourth, etc.) ..and has an up to date Vet screening. You may even be extra fortunate and the bird will be DNA sexed.. correctly. The foster parent of the 'too in question will have behavioural info.. be better suited to match you with the "right" bird... and so on.

I would love to have a bird ..and a 'too is my first choice ...but I would end up killing both of us, probably ..cuz of my noise sensitivity and chronic migraines :wacko:
Wow -that's loud - and I've only the speakers 1/2 way!! The whole pack [of dogs] came running in to save me!!
And people wonder why "pet store" chins have issues! Imagine that noise 24 - 7!!
First of all, I am not a bird person. This is my husbands bird, and I just tolerate it because he tolerates my dogs, cats, and chins :)

We have a cockatoo right now and he is in the process of being sold due to his noise level and the constant demand of attention. My husband gets the pleasure of leaving the house every day to go to work. I, on the other hand, work from home and I am stuck listening to a pissed off bird all day because his daddy is not here. When my husband is home the bird is in our living room on his playstand throwing food and water, crapping all over my wood floors and god help us if we walk out of the room for 30 seconds because all h3ll breaks loose. They are very demanding, loud, messy, and the dust they put off is like baby powder and it clings to EVERYTHING. He is very clingy with my husband. Unless you have lots of time to devote to a bird..and lots of years I would give it lots of thought. I am not trying to sound like a bird hater..just keeping it real. I think they are pretty critters..just not in my house :)
I am reading the rose-breasted cockatoo is more quiet and is also very pretty! Anyone know anything about those?
Cockatoos are VERY demanding, and the best bird ever if you have the time for them. They are also VERY loud. It has to be something that you're willing to put up with. If you are new to birds, a cockatoo is probably not the best choice for you unless you do a lot of research first.

Rose breasted cockatoos I don't know a lot about, but they are much smaller than the larger Mollucan and EXTREMELY expensive - I had a Mollucan when I lived in Arizona and had to give him up to move to England - it killed me.

Good luck with whatever you decide.
I suppose you need to think about the future when you will likely have children, and even less time for it. Not saying it can't be done, just something to think about.
I went back to the swap meet and he was still there. I am so smitten with this bird, I seriously am considering it. He will take $1300, and they have a great huge cage for $60. Gosh, why does this bird have to be so nice? He cuddled me, my husband, and some kid while I was watching, such a sweetie. I know I am in for a huge mess, time, and noise, but this poor bird has been out in the 95 degree sun for 2 days now. So sad!
I bought the bird. It kissed my husband and that was it. He dropped the price to $1300 with some negotiations. So far no squeaks, but we will have to see. My neighbors have loud dogs so it will be payback. I know this was a bad decision, but I really could not help myself. NO more swap meets for me, ever! This bird is the sweetest thing I have ever seen, I am going to buy a cage now, wish me luck!
I am reading the rose-breasted cockatoo is more quiet and is also very pretty! Anyone know anything about those?


We have a rose breasted cockatoo named Phoenix.

I am listening right now to Phoenix squawking because it's almost afternoon. She normally gets cranky and noisy around noon, naps during the afternoon, and has another squawking fit in the evening before dusk. IMO, she isn't quite as loud as the umbrellas, sulfur-cresteds and moloccans though. 'Toos are noisy and are a lot of work... it's definitely a big decision (it's like having a two year old for the rest of your life)!

Many 'toos are very loving when young but like Megan said, can change completely when going through adolescence. They may begin challenging you and likely will get sexually frustrated as well as they come of reproductive age. The main thing is to love them no matter how they are... their behavior may change, but that's just part of them being a bird. You can't be mad at them for that.
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I love this bird so much, and my husband loves him just as much. The camera is charging for pictures as we speak. He is so cool and exploring as we put together his cage, we bought a ferret nation and figured if we want a different cage we can use it for the chins and get him a new one. I am going to get him DNA sexed and just checked by the vet for safe measure. He is so calm and sweet and quiet now I am waiting for him to turn into a bird. I have never adopted out a pet (except rescues) and this bird will be in my will for sure!