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  • Hey Sumiko! Thanks for my chinchilas! They are super sweet! They get along well with my family and I. I can't wait to start introducing the two to my male. Thanks again!.
    I wanted to thank you for the information you gave me on my post on fuyu not eating as much timithy hay, (for some reason i cannot reply :( )
    And I love her name too! It means winter in japanese and since shes a standerd gray I thought it suited her :D
    To answer your question though I got her two weeks before Christmas and she seems happy and energetic enough, she just seems to eat her pellets and cubes more than her hay :/
    Im wondering if it's b/c I swiched hays on her, same brand but the hay is more thick and long, maybe I'll buy the smaller bags...
    Happy Birthday, Sumiko!:)
    You have a chinchilla named Reepicheep! That is so cool. I really wanted to name Edmund that, but he was too mean.
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