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Wow! CandQ was gone so long that I couldn't share my good news with any of you. For those of you that new last, I lost my Louis who was two and a half suddenly to what they discovered was a heart attack. I was completely devastated especially since he was so young and I was looking forward to lots of years with him. A member from Cand Q was looking for a home for a father and son pair, so I decided to adopt them. The father is a one and half year old brown velvet and his name is Atticus Finch. The baby (his son) is 5 months and is a beige and his name is Beauregard. They are the sweetest and even though nothing replaces Louis, it is nice to have loving chinnies at home again. I have been waiting to share this news for weeks with you guys!!!!
Congrats on the new additons to the family! I love their names :)

Now where are the pictures?
aww congrats! I know you were heartbroken over the loss of Louis. Glad these chinnies found their way to you and can bring some sunshine into your day :)

I second what Kelly said...pics please!!!
Aww. I'm glad Louis opend your heart for two new chins. He will forever be your spirit chinny. :)
Awww! I remember! I'm so sorry you lost Louis, but I'm so glad you were able to get these two to help heal your heart. We need pics!:angel: :angel:
I'm still sorry of course about Louis, but excited that you have some new chins in your life! *hugs* Pictures? :)
It's sometimes strange how things happen, maybe some of your pain for the loss of Louis is now being redirected as joy for your 2 new chins. Congratulations.
I heard about your loss of little Louis on CnF.... and I'm so very sorry :( But I am very glad that you have two other chinnies to help mend your broken heart. Take care.
Thaks everyone! And yes, I will definitely post pics. The ones I took are really cute, but they are on my cell phone, so I have to figure out how to download them. Waiting for the hubby to get home to do that job. Hee hee. They have been so friendly from day one and when I put my arm in the cage they jump right on and are not scittish at all. I was really surprised at how friendly they were from the start!