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I want to hear your silly nicknames for your chins.

Ours are:
Spooky - Spooberry Pancake, That Spoo, Spoonaki
Specter - That Baby So Crazy!, Spec, Specterator
Great thread idea!!! :D

TJ - Teej, Tee Jay, Terrance Joseph Chinchilla, Teejers
Francis - Frannie, Fran, Franna, Franna Banana, My Banana
Dumplin - Baby Girl, Fuzz Nugget, Snuggler
Belle - Bella, Ms Belle, Bellie (HAH), Bellon (like melon)
Buster - Buster Brown, Mr Man, Mr B
Cheeko - Cheekers, Cheeks, Cheeky, Handsome Man
Gideon - Giddy, Poof, Spaz
Frick - Fuzzy-Butt, Furball
Frack - Cuddles, Lover, Nips, Nippy
Remi - Boo Boo, Pacer, Surf King
Polo is poo poo face, poo poos, or poo poo polo.
Baba is little baybee baba, daddys boy, bad boy.
Kuzu is emo chin, little dude, keiki kuzu.
Coda is little dude (i think its a new chinnie thing), and fwufffy.
Cuda = Cooter
Hash = Hashes, Hasher, Hash-a-ronie (idk it just comes out lol)
The rest don't reeally have nicknames. Not too much you can do with Dakota, Kiwi, Squirt, and Monaco that I've found (yet)
Phoenix is.. DustBunny (hubby calls him this most) ..ManMan ..Phoenix Meenix ..Snuggle'lump ..and LumpLump

It's pretty cute that Phoenix only responds to his actual name ..and will come back to me or stop doing what he's not supposed to be doing ..but he doesn't pay much attention to the other names, at all.

He does give hubby the stink eye when he snitches on "the dustbunny", though :D
Fuzzy~ Fuzzer Buzzer, Mr Furbody
Slippers~ Slipper Bipper, Grumpy Butt
Gabby~ Gabby Abbt, Gibber Gabs, Squirrely Girly
Nothing too outrageous.

Sesame- Chin Chin, cutie pie, Little Ms. Sesame, Grumpy wumpy chinchin. The boyfriend calls her a diva when he offers her a stick, right after she accepts it and chews it bit, puts it back down and throws her little arm out and deliberately pushes it off the ledge. This usually has my boyfriend scrambing to find her stick in the bedding to give it back to her, but she'll repeat this over and over again. She's got us trained!
Sybil: Syb, Ms. B, Little Lady, Miss Thang, Crazy Lady, Earmuffs
LJ: Long John, lil john, little man, my boy, fuzzy butt, handsome
Jack: Capt, Jack-Jack, big boy, big butt, fluffer nutter, horn toad, horn dog
Drake: lil tude, Mr Man, Drake the Snake, Jaws, Grumpy, Chomp
Montana - Tana
Alexis - Lexy
Tre' - bug
Fluffy - Fluffer, Peanut
Kodee - Kodee Bear

Don't really have any nicknames for Zoe', Herald, Josie, or Angel. Not really "funny", but nicknames nonetheless. :)
Jack = Buddah Boy, Baby Jack
Ava = Mommy
Pip = Pippy
Little Dude = Mr. Baby Dude
Jesse = Chunky Boy
Francene, Dane and Mr. Wilson don't have any nicknames
And the new rescue came with the name Rollie although my daughter has been calling him Puddles.
We call Chico- cheekers
Lilly= Lilly Pie
Cha Cha = sweetie pie
Edgar= Grouch or eeyore
Koda=baby boy
My husband just calls them poo machines or something inappropriate for this forum but it correlates with poo Monsters.
Well Louey has been a bad boy, fighting so much we had to put him in a cage by himself after being paired for over 3-4 years so we now call him Louey the loser. Don't worry, we still love him just as much, it's just a joke.
We call our chins:
Arc: Arthur Chew, Arkachu
Pikachu: Pika, Peek
Dash: Dashy chew, Dasherton
Pichu: Peach, Peachy
ooh I forgot to add that I call Specter 'The Squisher' because she has a habit of trying to squish behind my nightstand LOL.
And Spooky I have been lovingly referring to as 'the Pee Butt'. :p
Bella - Bellabella (hence my name) Bellalooella, terkie, goober, silly girl
Kiwi - booger, nubbin, goof, fruitypie
Kahula, Kamora, Tia Maria, Black Russian, Black Sambvca and Baileys
El Paso, El Salavador, El Tajin
Black Magic, Quest, Sir Galahad
Cheyanne, Seneca, Shilo
Hershey, Godiva