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  • I am showing 10 - 8 I bred, 2 bred by others. Hopefully I'll sell a couple too. And picking up some dust and stuff. :)
    Will find an excuse to get out to you in the upcoming weeks/months. It'll be fun to see you again!!
    I'm offically stupid then.. last night I had trouble figuring out the new Chat, too. Like I'd set it to "All users" and it'd still direct the message to a specific member, so it looked like I was trying to say something private to them but didn't check "Whisper" when I was actually addressing everyone. AUGH! I had fun though, especially talking about string instruments with some other people.
    Oh man, geez, I wasn't saying she doesn't!! I was poking fun at my own predicament. I look like a jerk now. What else is new?

    Yeah, I'm back.. more or less.
    I thought she dropped off the face of the earth, kinda like me, tried e-mailing even. But dude, I have a ridiculously good excuse for disappearing anyways.
    Yup, I'm ok now I guess. Needed some time after.. you know. Holy crap, is that Judy?
    I will see you at York if you'll be there! My husband will be with me this year, keeping me from buying too many chins!
    Ash - I will probably be heading out to Philadelphia sometime in April. I can swing by your place and drop off the carrier I owe you. Sorry it has taken so long. :(
    Sorry it has been crazy. One of my best friends was diagnosed with a fast growing uterine tumor so I was helping out with her and her kids. On top of which, the GM for the restaurant was let go so any free time I had was between those two places. Some other stuff but suffice it to say very busy.
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