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Feb 15, 2009
Baltimore, MD
Does anyone have any recommendations purchasing a custom chinchilla necklace? My friend's chin passed away this year and I wanted to get her a necklace with a design/picture of the exact animal. I'd really appreciate any leads.
I know a couple of online firms do silver necklaces with fingerprints/footprints on for babies/family members etc - they may be happy to etch a chin on a silver necklace or even a chin pawprint if there was a picture available of the chin's little feet. If not, my friend got a locket to put a picture of her pet in when it passed - this would be a good idea too. I'm sorry for your friends loss.
Here's a photo of an ankle bracelet I had made a few months back by Cutters Critters Chinchilla Rescue on Facebook. She does AWESOME work, is EXTREMELY affordable and great customer service. The photo on the pendant is a little over an inch big, it's a photo of my boy Mr.Cuddles one of my favorite chins. I enlarged the picture of the pendant so you can see the detail. It's a beautiful piece. Not sure the link will work, but that's their FB page.


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Vyxxin that is beautiful!!!!
Huffnpoof ~ I would recommend looking into . She is a photographer (mostly wild horses) but she makes custom photograph jewelry with her photo's and has recently starting where you can send her a picture of your animal (any animal) and she will make a pin or pendant with the image.
I have one that I purchased from her display at a show. Its beautiful and her prices are very reasonable.
You can choose a pendant shape from her site and email her to inquire and send your picture to her at deb.little@sbcglobalnet .
I had one made by - it's a little expensive, but completely worth it