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  • I just wanted to say that your chins are ADORABLE. I looked at your avatar and also see the one on the left hand side of this page :)
    I see you! I know you didn't get to sleep... You need sleep, it's good for you. Now, get to bed... :p
    hey how much would a liner cost for a 30"w x 24"d x 48"h?
    Happy Birthday! :HB13::HB12::HB9:
    Hey girl, I have your message in my inbox as unread, I will reply soon. I'm getting ready to move, so it's been nuts here. I'm about to post a few pictures in the Ferret Nation thread, one of Twilight eating out of her hay bag. All 3 of my chins love it! :)
    Hi ! Just wanted to let you know that I've gotten my FN142 assembled + those fleece liners and tube covers are terrific. I've finally fallen off the wagon though and I am going to get another chin!!! I have been in contact with Shelli and Ann but no violet male for sale. Shelli has a female, but I don't think it would be very fair to my boys to have love in the same room and not a snowball's chance in #### of getting any. So I have decided to get a little violet male from Circle M Ranch. I'll be able to get him this week or may have to wait til next week. Still have to get wood shelves made for the FN and my boys moved into it so I can clean/disinfect their melamine cage and get it ready for the new baby. I just love nesting.! The four hour drive both ways is really gonna suck though especially since I won't be stopping on the way home with the little one in this heat. Couldn't stand it any longer just had to tell someone + I wanted to compliment you again on your work.Dana:dance3:

    Regarding to the post in the sale section.

    What if I want to buy two pvc fleece tubes with no fleece liner from you, would the tube still be sold at original price? Please let me know if you offer any discount.

    And what is the size of the hammock you made? Will it able to hold two chins?

    Thank you,
    Here's a sig for this site, I just made it as a little example
    You have a gorgeous pink white! omg.. she's just stunning. I have 2 beiges, a violet, a mosaic with a black butt and tail, a standard with a very dark back and tail, and a light gray standard. Where did you get her? Do you breed? I keep all males except for the mosaic but she's a friends, I'm giving her to her she takes all the girls I get in to my small rescue.
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