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Thanks Tara. I remember that one from a while back. I'll go ahead and sticky it for future reference.
Hey not that this means anything but I'm wondering on the bottom of page 3 it says that "milk was not obtainable from most females after 10d". Is this meaning that milk does not continue from most females after 10days, or that using the Oxytocin no longer produced any milk from the females after 10days. Because that makes a difference for those feeding kits, should we continue feeding kits for the full 4-6 first weeks? I wonder if anyone has looked at the differences in composition between cows and goats because the goats is the recommended still right? It's no biggie if no one has the answers to this, I just wondered as I was reading and hoped someone might know. Thanks Tara for finding another interesting article. - Jessica
Didn't notice you'd asked that Jessica. Our assumption was that hand milking the chinchillas was so stressful it caused the females to dry up. I imagine they put out considerably more than what was 'hand milked' out of them. We all know that each baby often has it's own teat, I wonder if you could;
1. Get one comfortable with being handled to allow milk letdown
2. Develop a teat machine for chins that would pull off all 6 or 8 to see how much one really could produce...
It could be from stress, or it could be the chins milk regulating. Knowing about human lactation, human breasts regulate the milk production around 3-5 months which means the oversupply is reduced to meet the needs of the baby and no more. Because of this, it becomes increasingly difficult to pump or hand express, even to the point of impossible. Maybe that's what's happening to the chin. Milk regulation happens to lots of mammals.