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  • Hey there! I was searching old threads and read that you're in Pensacola. I'm not too far, I just moved to Milton :)
    Where have you been woman? You're never around anymore. Did Andrew think we were a bad influence?? :) :)
    You're welcome for the blurb! Sorry it took me so long to say that. I never noticed you left me a message. :p
    you left chat too fast, so i wanted to say goodbye and have a good night!!
    Haha! Thanks, good to know I'm awesome!!!! :p
    Sorry I didn't answer sooner, I didn't know I had a message!
    thank you very much hun! We had a good dinner today, but got some very horrible news about my grandpa.. =/ I'm just very blessed Scott's able to be with me right now.
    Hey! I just closed on my new house and Ill be moving in soon to my place! Well have vacay homes with each other!
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