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  • hey I have been trying to reach you about RIVENDELLCHINCHILLAS.COM! It expired yesterday but I think we have until 1/5/2010 until you want to renew it. Let me know ASAP
    I was interested in your ad:
    1 of these! $2 off!
    Each package contains 200 pcs ( and I usually throw in some extras ) for $15.00 NOW $13.00 including shipping ( in the 48 states ). They are a mix of elm, birch, and crab apple! At two pieces a day one pack will last a chin over 3 months as treats!

    Let me know if still available :)
    Thanks Nicole, he (Hershey) is getting big. I want to get a good photo of him and show you. He's not brown (beige) anymore he's a real dark grey with white belly. He's beautiful, but I'm wondering if he's considered a beige anymore...and maybe I'm just dumb...lol..how's the piano lessons going?
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