April 21, 2012 CA Spring Field Day - Frazier Park

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Aug 19, 2009
Northern California
** 2012 California ECBC Spring Field Day **
Frazier Park, CA
April 21st, 2012

Event Location:
Cuddy Hall
335 Lakewood Drive
Frazier Park, CA 93225

Lodging Options:
Ramada Limited
9000 Countryside Ct
Lebec, CA 93243

Holiday Inn Express
612 Wainright Ct
Lebec, CA 93243

Grooming 7am-11am. *** No grooming will be permitted after 11am.***
Show starts 11am.

Maxine Lynch

Show Chair:
Shahna Thomas - email: [email protected]

No charge for admission to the event.
$5.00 per animal for members,
$7.50 per animal for non-members

Special Events:
Raffle & 50/50 Drawing​

Other Info:
Junior breeder awards - for those with 5 years or less breeding and showing experience, points counted for the top 5 animals entered.

Silent Auction Show:
Listing Prices: $75 minimum/ $500 maximum, Silent Auction format. Bid increment 10%, minimum $10.

10% of all animal sales during the show weekend, is payable to the CA ECBC Group by the selling rancher/breeder, regardless if the animal is shown or not.
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I'll be attending the show without my old chins. I'm bringing 9 chins and showing 4 born 2011.

If anyone needs dust, please send me a pm.
I am hoping to make this one. I will probably be bringing my 2 mosaic girls to show. They are older but it still should be fun.
I am still set to be there! I may not have anything for the show table (still debating), but that just means I'll be baking and making goodies to bring for everyone instead. ;)
It looks like I will be bringing about 6 animals to show! Also, since this is a small show, I'm going to provide lunch for everyone that's there. If you have special dietary needs (vegan, wheat intolerance, etc.) please let me know so that I can make sure there is something there for you! The club will probably charge a small lunch fee for everyone, but it beats eating fast food and it will be cheaper. ;)
Let me know what the lunch fee will be. I might have 1 or 2 other people coming with me (my son and his girlfriend).
I can't say for sure what it will be, but usually it is about $5/person. It helps the club a little bit and it will be a quick lunch where everyone can hang out and socialize. Much better than when we didn't provide food and everyone had to run out to get whatever fast food sounded good and was close!
Thanks for the info, Tabitha. It looks like it will be just me or me and my son. I don't know if he will be working next weekend. I can't wait for the show! I know the show starts at 11:00, but how early can we arrive?
It says that grooming starts at 7. If the doors are open earlier you can always help set up.
The set up is usually done on Friday evening by Rod and whoever is there to help out. I would count on the doors opening at 7am. Sometimes we open them earlier, but 7 is usually when we get someone there to open it up.