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Aug 15, 2011
Saint Augustine, Florida
It seems the longer I have my chin, the more crazy nicknames I give him. Sometimes I even sing them to him. First it was Chin-chin-cherie (a parody of the chimney sweepers' song from Mary Poppins), then Chinny-Chinny Bang-Bang (parody of of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) now it's Chinnichanga (parody of the food chimichanga.)

Am I the only one or does everyone else make up crazy nicknames too? If so then please share away! :)
We call Altair "fuzzy face". I don't know why, just happened. Ezio is "nosy" since he has to know what's happening at all times. Zipper doesn't have one :( For the bunnies, Momiji is "bunneh bunneh" and Dunkin is "The Dunkinator" and I sing a song that's like a super hero song. lol
I shorten their names from Narcissa and Bellatrix to Cissy and Bella... and I also call them both Munchkin on a daily basis. Poor babies are going to be so confused! :)
We call Chia a bunch of things: Chia-Bee, Bee, Lil Feets, Lil Face, Face (I dunno why, her face is so cute I need to address it personally baha), Baby Girl, Baby, Poo, Poo-Face, Pooper... We pretty much just call her anything that comes to mind when we see her I think lol

(Honestly, she will never learn her name cause we rarely ever call her by name..)
Oh man I have many names for Miles and Fivel.

Chincheeya, chinchee, chincheebutt, fatbutt, little man, little munchkin, Meesles, stinkystink, cutiepatootie, cutieman....the list goes on....
Boo boo buns, sweeters, smiley, big foot, sleepy kin, mrs poopy buns, just a few off the top my head!

Oh a side note, our dogs name is weewee, cats name is mah (not sure how you would spell that lol) or simba, and our other cat's nickname is baby!

I love all the nick names other people posted! :laughitup:
Oh, well if we're adding other animals into the mix, my dogs names are Kelsi and Cody, but I usually call them Boo and Monkey... because that makes sense, lol.
i call my chillas lunch-a-munch and gummer-butt or gummer-nummer

if im refering to the pair of them i call them my chinchibis, or my chinchillers

my bfs dog is named kate but we call her kaykay, or kaykadoodles

my cats name is lomein but i call him lomi, kitty puppy (he acts like a dog) piggers, fluffernutters, meowmeow, and purrfessor kittypants.

my old cat was named charlie but i called him chuckers, and charizard

im kind of lame with names.
I refer to Ernie as my little booger or my monster lol. He's sometimes also big boy. lol :)
I refer to Ernie as my little booger or my monster lol. He's sometimes also big boy. lol :)
ahahaha rutherford is also a big boy at times! like when he comes over to me when i call out his name haha

otherwise, my gf calls him waffles, my mom calls him fatso, and my sister calls him fatty ahahahahahahahaha
for me, i call him chub-chub <3
Haha, I definitely do the same thing! My first chin (named Siddhartha) got names like "harta(s)" "lilla chilla" "lilly chinchilly" "chinzilla" and on... When I got Maya it was some of the same, including "yaya(s)" "ya-ster" and "may-ya-ya"... You are not alone!
Xochi is short for Xochiquetzal, so Xochi is her nickname... but I often refer to her as Xochi-lin...

Pocket doesn't seem to need a nickname... Tabitha named her, and everyone seems to love her name, myself included... Oh, when she runs and jumps about, I call her Pocket rocket...

A new violet came home with me on Saturday, but I assume it will be a while before she tells me her name... For now, I call her No Name...
My little chinchiladas have a lot of nicknames. Their actual names are Rufus and Zoidberg. They are often called: Dumb and Dumber, Jerkus and Jerkberg/Zoidjerk, Stinky, Baby, Baby Rufus, Fatty Fat Fat, The Stupids, Bro, Zoidy, Dust-monsters, Zoidberger, and Rufus-berger. I'm sure there's more I just can't think of right now.
Ever since I brought my Abbey home, my mother keeps going around the house saying "Chin, chin, chin-chia!" Like to the tune of the Chia pets jingle! Haha. Otherwise, I just seem to call her Abbey for now.

My dog's name is Osito (Oh-see-toe) and I usually call him 'Sito or Chee-cho, he seems to prefer the later. :p
Vincenza ends up as Madam since she's such a little princess. Cinnamon is Cinnabon and the Spice Navigator from Dune :3