Weirdest thing they've run off with?

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Chinchilla Servant
Oct 23, 2013
What is the weirdest thing your chinchilla has snatched up and ran off with?
I've gotten glasses stolen off my face and my phone dragged away. Tonight took the cake, I was getting some grooms(my eye lashes/brows) from my youngest chinchilla Sage after cage cleaning when all of a sudden she started to sniff and lick my nose. I didn't really mind, her whiskers tickled, but she all of a sudden started yank out my nose stud. She didn't get, nor could she really it's got a hook on the end so it's really hard to get out.
I just laughed because for the almost two years I've had her she's never acknowledged it.
Boji, my oldest chin, has claimed my best friend as his own and tries to take off her wedding ring. If I wear rings, he doesn't care, but hers must go.
Boco my oldest Chin doesn't tolerate me wearing gloves around him and will make every attempt to take them off me, he doesn't try to chew on them just pull em off which is hilarious to watch with his little chin paws.

lily my female doesn't like hats or hair decorations, she loves to groom the hair on your head but will make every attempt to get a hat off your head or yank out say a hair pin or pony tail tie which is funny because my Fiance wears them and she will yank on em with all her chinny might.

Zero my baby boy loves to steal food from his daddy ((who he is caged with)) he doesn't eat it just steals it and hides it much to Boco's annoyance.

Hiccup and Toothless the brothers I adopted fight over the roof of a chin hide i made, the roof pops off and they both MUST have it its ether A on the top part of the cage where Hiccup likes to sleep or on the bottom where toothless sleeps, i'v caught them on multiple times trying to steal it from each other its actually rather funny to watch.
One of my is obsessed with my engagement ring. If I'm not wearing it she still nibbles at that knuckle in annoyance
Once I walked into my bathroom and Buddha had taken the toilet paper and strung it all around the bathroom....and little poops everywhere too. Pretended like he had no idea what happened...
not so much weird as dangerous, but my chins like to peel the paint off the walls where i used to live and try to eat it.
My old chin ChiChi stole an oreo from me once. Of course I had to snatch it back, but not before she'd already taken a nibble. :facepalm: Not sure if they can consume the chocolate in oreos but she was fine.