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    • Nerk
      Nerk posted the thread My Sweet Willow in Chinchilla Memorial.
      I had to make the decision to let Willow go this afternoon. Due to her rapid weight loss and refusal to eat, it was told. A few weeks...
    • Nerk
      Nerk replied to the thread Breeds?.
      Chinchillas can come in all shapes and sizes :) but congrats on the beauty. She's a a stunning mosiac, which would be her mutation. I...
    • Nerk
      Nerk replied to the thread New chinchilla to love and spoil.
      What a cutie! Congrats to you and him.
    • Nerk
      Nerk replied to the thread Dental Disease.
      Thank you, I'm hoping to get a look at the xrays soon. I noticed something off about two years ago, weepy eyes, but when I took her to a...
    • Nerk
      It's been a while since I've posted here but I'm a little at a lose on what to do. I took in my 10 year old chin because I noticed...
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