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Feb 1, 2009
Chicagoland area
What is the weather like by you? What are your plans for the next couple of days?

I live near Chicago so we should end up with 14 or so inches of snow before the -15 degree temps hit tomorrow. The next couple of days I plan on doing laundry, crafts, playing with Luna, and finding a good book to read. ANy recommendations? My car will stay buried until maybe Wednesday. That's the plan anyway.

What are you guys doing?
Snowmageddon is well underway here in Michigan.

Going to heat up the snugglesafes for the evening, annoy Marlee with nail clipping, and hope that Bella doesn't break too much skin while I clip hers.

Lots of hot cocoa with whipped topping for the humans; mealies for the hedgies.
Slippers for the humans; poopboots for the hogs ;)
It's currently 11 degrees right now and will be 2 by 4pm tonight. Will get down to -10 overnight. BRRRR.... Nothing changes, I will be working and going by my usual schedule. EXCEPT I will race home so I can hibernate in the house at night... Not going anywhere I don't have to... LOL. We were supposed to get some snow, but I think we got less than an inch with ice since it was 45 and raining just 14 hours ago....
It's currently -16 but feels like -42 in Wauconda, IL. Brrrrr. My little sister had school cancelled so I'm sitting with her and we're deciding in what arts and crafts to do all day!
It's going to be sunny and in the low 70s for our highs the next few days. It's pretty much perfect here, we can go hiking or whatever we want outside (and the snakes aren't around because it's winter, yay!) Days like these in the dead of winter make it worth dealing with it being a little warm in the winter for sure.

(I think that was mean of me...)
lol, it's only in the 30's here and my pipes are frozen to the kitchen. My house is not designed to get this type of cold this far south. Going to have to let my shower drip, no way I'm missing a hot shower in the morning!
It's currently 38 here, but is supposed to get down to 18 tonight (wind chill of 5). While I know this is a lot warmer than some places (I am so sorry!), it's chilly willy for us in Florida!
I think it got down to -20 something here last night with wind chills around -40. The temp never did get above 0 yesterday. We lost power for about an hour and the temp in our house dropped about 10 degrees in that short time. They are saying some people will be without power until Thursday. Today is supposed to be a little better with a high of 1 degree. We got 12 inches of snow which is now basically packed ice. The whole city was shut down yesterday which is unheard of for Indianapolis. I'm hoping I can get my car to start for work tomorrow.

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If it's sunny this Sunday, I might take my truck for a drive. I installed a new set of Toyo tires that I bought from 4WheelOnline and I want to take it for a test run.