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  • Hey I was wondering if you could help me out with something... I recently got a guinea pig okay just today, and I was wondering if I could put him in with my chinchilla , I mean they seem to get along but would he give my cchinchilla any dieases?
    That's good :)
    Okay,I will do that,It freaked me out...but aha,it's all good and she hasnt done that since she's been with me now and I dont worry when she makes funny noises it just worried me because she was kinda a rescue and the people whom had her werent feeding her quality food and she was kinda thin,she's reaalllly goood now.
    But thanks soo much :) and i'll ask questions if I find I need more :)
    Hi I noticed you posted the picture of the chinchilla using the trimline collar. I bought one for my chin with the foot problem and I just got it today. They sent me the 5.5 inch one not the 4 but i had a question. I did you have any issues putting this on your chin? Any advice did you have to cut it down or anything? Did your chin flip out with it on?
    i just realised we haven't chatted in awhile and...... I miss you!
    thanks so much for the advice you gave on my forum topic. gizmo and i are back in a wonderfully cool apt!
    oh and i love your website, i may just start ordering from you! have a great day!
    i love your wedding dress and the food i got from you they seem to like it better than mazuri
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