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  • A while back I ordered 10# of Mazuri from you for my Chin.
    He has gone through it and I need to order another 10#. Shipping to zip 15068.
    Can you give me a quote including shipping - I remember your website is setup for local delivery.

    Hi how are you? I noticed that you own alot of chins! I have a question for you, Im attaching two cages together with pcv tubing, but instead of cutting the wire, i want to take out one panel of the cage (not the whole side, its split up on two differnent panels on the side to make the whole) with plexiglass. Is it safe? Since its only one big "square" of plexiglass on the entire cage theres plenty of ventilation. Someone told me that plexiglass isnt safe, what do you think?
    Yes! They are doing wonderful! The only fights they get into is who gets rights to the tube since it has "optimal TV viewing." ;) Just a little pushing and yelling at each other, but that's it. Ande is addicted to the TV. Only way to cure it is to cut out the TV and just play spa music during the day. Now they just sleep like they are supposed to, and both are in the tube. It looks like a really long 2 headed chin! :hilarious:

    I'm going to run by Dawn's on Saturday to pick up the cage. It's just a little bit bigger than the one I currently have, but overall a better cage. Then I have to make a Lowe's run to make some shelves. :) Their poos are normal again, I guess I was just overreacting. They are wonderful and enjoying each other’s company, and Bryson has even stopped chewing. It's a win win for everyone! :D
    Hey Susan! I'm good! Been busy this week at work! I'm spending the weekend with Lisa and hopefully reading a bunch! I've got 3 books coming my way and picked up 3 tonight! I love laying around reading, even more than doing the laundry LOL!
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