Washington State ECBC Sanctioned Show 2014

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Jan 30, 2009
Renton (Fairwood), WA
Here is information on our 2014 sanctioned show, hope to see you there!

Comfort Inn - Kent
22311 84th Avenue South
Kent, WA 98032 (253) 872-2211 *Ask for the ECBC Chinchilla rate!*
(~$84-93/night) (NO animals allowed in hotel room!)

Maxine Lynch with TBD trainee judge

Judging starts promptly at 10:00am Saturday, December 6th

Schedule of Events:
6:00pm: Show hall setup
7:00– 9:00pm: Animal registration and caging, not
required if arriving Saturday morning
Show hall locked at 9:00pm

6:00-10:00am: Grooming, registration and caging
10:00am: Standard Live Animal Show
12:00-1:00pm Lunch (depending on show progress)
1:00-4:00pm Mutation Live Animal Show

$7.00/animal for ECBC members (limit of 20 animals/string)
$9.00/animal for non-members No admission fee to attend the event

Special Events:
Raffle, 50/50 Drawing, Animal Sales (10% of all animal sales during show weekend is payable to the host branch by the seller to help fund future shows)

Trophies awarded for Standard GSC and RGSC & Mutation GSC and RGSC. Plaques for combined Breeder and Junior Breeder awards.
Ribbons awarded for all other awards.

Ryan at [email protected] for questions, showbook ads, raffle tickets or trophy/plaque sponsorships.
Nan, I don't think so as it is a one day show. I suspect most people will want to head home after the show is done. We will have lots of time at the end of the show for awards and animal sales and whatnot as we have the venue all day and evening!
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Excellent! I hope to see you and lots of Canadian breeders. I'm hoping to get some information on breeders who may have animals for sale at the show as well. I know Dark Star will have some for sure....not sure who else though :)
We are still looking for a few sponsors for awards, as well as advertisements. Thank you to everyone who has generously donated so far.

We are in need of a trophy sponsor at $30 and a few breeder plaque sponsors at $10.

If you would like to place an advertisement, they are all full color, prices:
Full page $40
Half page $35
Quarter page $30
Our design lab can help you create yours with your direction

If you are interested in supporting the show, please contact us at [email protected]
If anyone is looking, I have lots of nice chins for sale including some Class Champions and Reserve Class Champions from last year's show. E-mail me at [email protected] if you're looking for something in particular and if I have a chin you need, can bring them with me to the show.
Blue Cloud Dust!

Nan(Snickers on here) is planning to sell Blue Cloud Dust at our show!

Cost will only be $35/50lb. bag!

If you need dust, email her directly at [email protected] with the subject line "WA SHOW" and let her know how many 50lb. bags of dust you would like to reserve for when she comes up. She can likely only transport about 10 bags, so there is a limit of 2 bags per person.

Get your reservations in now!
I'll be looking to buy a high quality male at the show. I need a standard, he will be the only male of my herd so I'm looking to invest in a great one.

Simplistic list of my wants: excellent veiling, decent size, medium color phase (or close). The females in my colony are 3 std (2 dark one light), and a beige, most have good clarity but have weak points in their neck veiling, all are 1st or better place so I wouldn't want a shabby male.

You can pm me for more details, I'm not buying until show day though. =)

Edit: also I'd like a proven male if possible, and i don't mind an older animal that has a good record in your herd but is being replaced for the new generation.
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I might have one from Dark Star here is his record.
2011 Nationals 1st
01/22/12 CA State Show 1st
01/13/13 CA State Show 1st
04/13/13 CA Spring Show 1st
He is proven. He is with his son from June of this year.

I showed him at all the CA shows. 01/22/12 he wasn't in show shape since he was being brought down from OR that weekend.

You can send Sumiko a pm she will be at the show she has alot of males for sale.
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Yea I'm buying a female from Sumiko, but the one male I wanted was her son hehe. I'll look at her show string that will be available then too.

Btw sounds like that is a great male! I'd love to see him in person, are you coming up?

Edit: oh duh you are bring blue cloud. ; P I'm silly.