Sleep well, Smudge

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I bite.
Jan 29, 2009
Indianapolis, IN
When I got home from work tonight I decided I couldn't let Smudge wait another day. I wanted to spend one last night with him but I gave him a cookie and he just gagged the entire time while attempting to eat it. As he sat on my lap and I stroked him I could feel his spine and the look in his eyes told me he was done fighting. I called the vet and she agreed to let me bring him in tonight.

Smudge, we had a great 8 years together. You never failed to crack me up with your attitude and strong personality. Even your cute perfect eyebrow gave you the look of sass you gave me every day. You lived a good almost 10 years. Rest easy, little guy.

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Aw, I am very sorry :(

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So much love to you, Stace.

Rest in peace, Smudge. Enjoy the limitless treats over the rainbow bridge <3
I'm very sorry Stacie, I remember the pics you used to post, always gave me a good laugh, Smudge, you will be missed, rest easy, little guy.