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  • My list shall forever remain private! but when you're in office and I'm your executive assistant we'll laugh over how many notebooks I have filled bahahahahaha!
    Will my boyfriend was going to be in the army but now he is going into the marines
    Ok, now that you explained this in more to me. I am definately on your side with this. Legally they cannot do anything to you. Do you still have the copy of the lease that you signed? Seriously, it's a legal binding document, yes, but they can't add or change it once you have signed and agreed to it unless you signed the new one.
    Sorry again about the rules changing at your apartment complex. That does really suck for you!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes! I just now realized I had visitor messages from back in July!
    Nope, she live'a here, (Beaumont, your only an hr and 15 minutes away), and her brother serve's and he had a chin with the same name. Sorry for the confusion, Thanks!
    You have cute Chinchilla.
    Hey do you know a girl named Leah, or a guy named Cody?
    Your chins name sounds familiar and you live close like my friends do.

    Just wondering!
    Yeah, my boyfriend is in the Army :) He's stationed back in NC, so it is a little difficult, but he finds time to come visit one weekend every month. I went through the whole basic thing, it's difficult, so if you ever need to talk about anything, I'm here.
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