RIP my baby Necro

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Well sure some of you know about this already from the Chin Emergency forums this weekend. Also cross-posted this over at Chins-N-Friends yesterday figured I would leave my little baby a memorial over here since this is the site that originally gave me my love for the chins (back when it was Chins and Quills)...

A little memorial for my little girl that passed away due to bloat this weekend.. She was all set to go to the vet yesterday afternoon but didnt even make it through the weekend. Her bloat increased and got soo bad between saturday and sunday I couldnt stand to watch my baby in pain. Emergency vet said there was nothing they could do and she was now at the point she needed surgery. At 6pm on a sunday night.
She wasnt going to last through the night and was trying to let go of herself while she was at the vet. Everything they couldve done was only a temporary solution at best so I had to make that decision none of us ever want to.. I said my goodbyes to her and kissed her head and told her I loved her around 7pm sunday night and then the vet took her into the back and I left. She looked physically exhausted and Im glad my little baby hung on so I could spend those last moments with her. :(

Goodbye Necro. I miss you terribly and want you to know that I love you sooooooooooo much.. She was only 5 and I had her for a little under 2 of those years (wouldve been 2 in June) and man did she make an impression.

Goodbye baby girl!! You will ALWAYS be with me forever no matter where either one of us goes!

Sending my deepest sympathy to you for loss of Necro. That's a cute name you
picked; and she knew how much you cared and loved her too. And, they do make
such an impression with their one of a kind personalities.
Nancy S
I'm so sorry - I know just how you feel. I lost my 2 year old baby on Monday to bloat.
At least they are free from pain now.
Sending you hugs x