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Awesome show, 141 entries. Many new faces, future breeders.

Crissy's Chins, Strattons Chins, Did extremely well.
Barb from Mt Zion CONGRATS Just so happy for you on your Ebony Reserve Female of Show. You deserve it!!

Congratulations to all.

Never seen Jim hurting this much when his BV got Reserve of Show.
I only took a few pictures, but here's a few for those that missed it.


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Dee and I met the new breeders who bought the Black from Jim before the show.
She is in Rochester near me and just starting out.

Show was fun as always!

Can't wait until I have more show condition chins to bring beginning of 2014....the few I showed this weekend were older than I would have liked.

Great meeting so many of you and always wonderful seeing you all again!
some of the photos I took!


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I really need to work on the faces I make when I judge.


You looked deep in thought in the pictures! =)

Wow you guy had some beautiful fluffy-butts outhere, makes me jealous. =) Can't wait for the WA show but your pics help to tide me over while I wait! Grants to all the winners.
Yay! I knew they would have a lot of good pics!

But none of me :tantrum:

Some really nice shots of individual chins!
Just getting home after a few overnight hotel stays. Must say that the show was terrific. So nice meeting/putting names and faces with forum names! Loved the venue/county fairgrounds. Thanks to everyone who worked at the show! Sorry to bring a chunk of the raffle items with me, but I'll enjoy them. Last but by far not the least Christiane thank you for letting me become Cayden Milne's momma! He is settling in now and will get pics later.:)
We should have them come back every year and be our professional photographer. I caught a glimpse of my 3 in the photos. Very nice pics.