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Chinchilla Servant
Oct 23, 2013
I had to make the decision to let Willow go this afternoon.
Due to her rapid weight loss and refusal to eat, it was told. A few weeks back she was diagnosed with dental disease, her roots were overgrown. We tried to supplement feeding and pain meds. I could tell just looking in her eyes... she was tired, even a dust bath took a lot out of her.

She was only 10 and I had her since she was 3 months. She was a sassy little girl who always kept me on my toes. I will miss her so much, she was the first chin I raised from a baby.
I hope to see her again in the next life and I will always hold her close to my heart. My sweet Willow.
Sorry for your loss. :( Dental disease in chins is so unfair.