My 2 new gals!

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Diva Chins

I bought two gals while CnQ was down. The woman had originally bought them from a breeder in lower NC, a small hobbyist breeder. We talked for about a month, I got to learn about their personalities, see their pictures, and...Well, fell in love! Her husband had bought her a puppy for Christmas and while she worked a full time job, just felt she didn't have time for them anymore. I bought the girls, their cage, and most of their supplies from her, and what I didn't buy, she ended up giving to me.
Although most of what she had them on was CRAP (Vita Prima sunscript food, chocked full of treats. Some kind of treat balls that had CORN and vegetable oil in it. Kaytee Dust Bath.) I threw all of that away and did a switch to Tradition with a few servings of supplement. They went from having extremely small poos to regular sized. Their water intake is great, perfect for them. They're just absolute dolls and have great, loving personalities.
The white mosaic, Aiko, she's the little explorer! Loves for me to hold her and play with her, while the standard gray, Rini (Formerly Chachi) is the shyer type. They've both given me quite a few chuckles in the short time they've been here (Two weeks). I plan to post some pictures here soon, but for now I have to go do a little cleaning. Just wanted to share the joy.
ooo Grats!! Def. post up pictures when you can!

I have one of Aiko, it's really crappy since I took it with my webcam photosnap thingy of a ma bopper (I love that term). I'll post it for now til I can get a better one, and one of Rini.


She's absolutely gorgeous, I don't think the picture does her justice.
Aww, she's a pretty girl! You can tell she has a sweet face!
Aww, she's a pretty girl! You can tell she has a sweet face!

I'm so in love with them. She's such a doll baby, I mean absolutely gorgeous, Rini too! I'm so happy to have them here. I wasn't supposed to get them til later this month but she had to get them out of the house so they could do rennovations and brought them to me since my boyfriend's truck needed some work done. I love both of them completely, they're spoiled to the core. Her tail is one of the swishiest and furriest I've seen, almost reminds me of a Royal Persian Angora's tail. I was tempted to change her name to Dutchess but she's too much of a sweety.
I got a few pics of Rini with my webcam.

Sitting on mom's chest and resting on her arm.

Watch mom struggle as she tries to get a good pic.

Sitting with my back legs on her fingers.
Thanks everyone ^-^ I'm so proud of my girlies and so in love.