Hello from Japan!

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Thank you very much!
I am very happy to hear you say so.☺️
I haven't done anything special.
Maybe, she was born healthy!💪🐭
Hi, is it Teco's birthday already? Puya must be her secret to looking young.☺️
Today, the 20th of July is Tecophililla's birthday!! 🎊
She is now 11 years old!!!
And she enjoyed Puya dinner. The shell house I gave her is completely ignored...😅
Happy Birthday, Teco! What a treat. Why not put Puya inside the shell?😅
Yes, my chin likes to eat Puya, she eats it even when she has low appetite.
Unfortunately Puya grow very slowly, so I feed my chin it only a few times a year.
I also tried tasting Puya, but it was so fibrous that I couldn't chew it!!🤣

Teco was eating Puya-berteroniana.
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Awww, she is adorable eating her Puya. Welcome and Happy Birthday 🎉 🎂 Teco!!!