Happy Birthday Jenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I heart Leonard
Jan 30, 2009
Racine, WI



Happy Happy Birthday Jenn!!! If they made you into nail polish you would be a fun sparkly glitter! I hope you and the boys and John have a fantastic day!!!!!! Smooches from all my crew to you!
Happy birthday Jenn! I agree with Nikki. Eat cake, lots of cake! Have fun with the boys.
Thank you all! John just surprised me with 2 bags full of goodies! I am so spoiled. But my best gift of all is having us all home together.

oh, and great friends make my day pretty special, too! :)
Thanks Kate and Bonnie. After so many chaotic days this past week, today is so nice and mellow. A great day so far!
Thank you Laurie!

Thanks to all of you for the wonderful birthday wishes. I had such a wonderful birthday with my family who totally spoiled me rotten!
Happy belated birthday! I'm glad it was a great day!! And I agree, February birthdays = awesome!!!!!