"great for easter"

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Is it just the "Great for Easter" that is bothering you?
They say buy the cage get the chin free because you are not supposed to SELL animals on ebay.

$150 is too much for an adoption fee, just click prohibited and the ad goes away. There ya have it!
Thats the same cage I had Petra and Sasha in for almost two years its not a bad cage. And lets be honest $150 for a chinchilla AND a cage is a great price, and if some one is willing to pay it more power to them. I paid double for my first chinchilla and cage. He doesn't look in bad shape either.

I guess for me its a hard decision to make, where do you draw the line as to what is an appropriate method of selling a pet you are no longer able to keep. In most of the places I have lived growing up if you took them to the animal "shelter" the animal was put to sleep a month or so later if no one adopted it. Thank god we never had to give up a pet. But for me this is simply a person who can no longer keep their pet not some back ally breeder who never baths and barily feeds the animal. The line is just hazey to me, and we can only hope that a good and loving family takes him home and treats him like a prince.

Other then that I am with Riven, click 'Prohibited' and hurrah!
Im confused as to why we are mad at her for being mad that they said great for easter...
I'm not mad, I was just wondering what part made her so angry.
It's like the bunny thing. Lots of bunnies are bought for easter, and a few months later, are released, brought to a shelter, or rehomed once the novelty wears off.
Some people are against selling animals at the holidays, but let's face it, it's going to continue. I think it's the general opinion that buying near the holidays is always an impulse buy, so people tend to try not to sell around that time. Not all people, there are plenty who do, but there are some who just won't.

The person on CL probably figured this would be the best time to sell his chin, cutting in on the bunny, duck, chick action. Lots of people buy their kids pets during the various holidays, so he's just labeling his ad in order to draw attention to it.

I agree. I just hope the chin finds a good home. Too many animals out here are just being dumped on random farms because people supposedly can't afford them. The feral cat population is soaring, and they are concerned that we are going to have to start dealing with dog packs, which is just scarey. At least this guy tried to place his animal with some hope of a home, and didn't throw him in my backyard.
I understand her anger at the "great for easter" part. Every Easter was a living hell when I was a rabbit shower/breeder. I breed pedigree mini rex rabbits, I was a member of ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association), I got calls all the time asking for rabbits for someone's kid for Easter, I refused to sell to anyone other than fellow showers/breeders during the Easter season. Then after Easter I was flooded with abandoned rabbits, people would bring them to a show and just leave them (people who weren't even showing them). Others would put them up for raffle and even if no one wanted the rabbit would just leave it sitting there, so the last people to leave the show were left with a dozen abandoned animals and had to decide what to do with them. I would have close to a dozen rabbits dropped off at my place every Easter season. Christmas is just as bad, people have to stop getting pets as presents, they're not a freaking snow globe or tacky sweater, they're living things. If someone got me a pet for Christmas without my knowing and consenting they'd get torn to pieces. People don't think. Plus that chin looks greasy and has a plastic shelf under him, he needs a good home and he needs to be sold or rehomed without being an Easter present for someone.
I had gotten my two newest chinchillas off of craigslist because I was having a very difficult time finding other resources to get some. The cage in the add looked very promising and it appeared to be a critter/ferret nation, which got me excited! When we received everything, I not only discovered the cage was a cheaper version of a cn, but it was also covered in grime and some parts were broken! The bottom wheel areas were breaking off, and one of the latches were missing a screw. After about five months of using the cage, the bars started ripping off of the cage and we had to buy a new one (critter nation, thank goodness!). Luckily, the chinchillas themselves came in ok health and are doing great now, but it just saddens me how little someone could care about the environment their pet could be living in.