Yellow spit up?

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Jan 30, 2019
Southern California
Hi so I just went to let my chins out for some exercise and noticed some yellowish type goop under my chinchillas mouth. Never seen anything like this and Google doesn't seem to be helping. She just went to the vet 2 days ago for a tooth trimming and they did a general check to make sure she's healthy and they say she's in perfect health. It almost looks like she threw up but ik they can't. I cleaned her up and fame her a treat and she seems completely normal and her weight and eating habits are normal


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May 7, 2012
Sounds like she drooled on herself, or maybe got something caught in her teeth and spit out what was in her mouth. It can happen after tooth trims that the teeth are a big sore, as well as sometimes if the vet isn't careful they can cause sores in the mouth when doing the trimming. If the chin bit down and it hurt they could spit the food out of their mouth. It can also happen sometimes that they get something stuck in their teeth and they spit the food out trying to dislodge it.

If she is acting normal now and no longer getting yellowish goop under her chin, it was likely just one of the those issues. However if you still see it, I would contact the vet, they could have accidentally cracked a tooth without realizing it or she bit her cheek something like that causing pain.