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<-- lexi ("queen pudge")
Oct 31, 2009
St. Petersburg, FL
I did not see a topic on this, so I thought I'd make one (if there IS one someone give me the link! I may have just missed it).

I LOVEEEEE reading, even though I do not get to read as much as I'd like to anymore. I usually have a few hours at work where it is so dead (I work front desk at a hotel) and so I bring a book to pass the time :)

I am currently reading The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I really like it so far, I am about 250 pages in (almost halfway!). I haven't seen the movie yet but I am probably going to watch it after I read the book!

So any other readers out there? If so, what are you reading?
Not open for further replies.

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