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Gonna keck your butt ;)
Sep 15, 2010
Has anyone ever heard of this product? I was doing a little research and found this breeder called Blue Sky Chinchilla in Canton, OH. I looked around their site and found these stones. I've never heard of them and couldn't find anything on the forum. It says "United States Pumice Company" at the bottom. Are they safe? Also, has anyone dealt with this breeder?

Here is a link to the page: http://www.blueskychinchilla.net/products.html
I've never heard of the breeder, but I have gotten pumice stones from my local pet store. They looked exactly like that. The chins didn't seem to care for them at all. I know some chins absolutely love them though. They are a safe chew toy and probably cheaper at your local store than ordering them online. I think they are $.59 at the store here.
It looks like it's just a pumice stone. Like the kind you can find in most pet stores.
They are like Lava Blox by brisky, the scornia stone, they are safe but every chin I used them on left them virgin.
Scoria is a type of volcanic rock, it's like pumice but has larger air holes and is darker and heavier, the main difference is it's basically lava from the top so it cooled faster. I've never heard of the breeder, but the rocks are safe.