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Dec 31, 2021
Is water from a natural spring okay for a chin? We have a flowing spring that we get water from as our city water is filled with chemicals. Would the spring water be okay to give to my chin?
I would still filter water from a spring, and get it tested for mineral content. Tap water is not really advised either, unless filtered, and as you mentioned it can be full of chemicals. Filtered spring water can work, but make sure you get a multistage filter, like this https://www.amazon.ca/PUR-Advanced-...words=pur+water+filter&qid=1645840775&sr=8-27 You want to filter out any possible contaminated (including micro organisms like giardia) as well as you don't want too much mineral in the water either.

I use reverse osmosis water I buy at the store for my own drinking water and for my chin.
Interesting. How much water does a chinchilla drink per day?
I have an RO tap in my kitchen that I use for all my animals (and for drinking water for myself).

I wouldn't use water straight from the spring without filtering it first. But that's cool you have an alternate water source on your property!