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Wanted Mt. Pleasant, Mi

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Animal Lover <3
Oct 13, 2012
Mount Pleasant, Mi
I've been wanting a hedgehog for quite a while now, and I really want to give one a great home. <3

I am looking for a baby hedgehog with a cuddly personality, either sex. I am not concerned about coloring. I am hoping to pay about 100 dollars for the hedgehog, and I am willing to drive about an hour and a half trip there. I would be willing to pay more if it is not a far drive (gas is just so expensive). If it is any farther, I would greatly appreciate meeting someone part of the way.

Plans can always be arranged, and I would love to negotiate (like if it came with cage and accessories, for a good price). If someone has a hedgehog that is under a year old, I would still be highly interested. This would be my first hedgehog, and the most important thing to me is a cuddly personality.

You can contact me at


if you check your email more than this site :) Thank you!
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