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Feb 6, 2022
These are Viktor and Jayce!
I adopted them at the start of this year from our local shelter, they were given up because they apparently didn't get along with the rest of the Chinchilla pack the previous owner had.
They are said to be 7 and 8 years old but I don't know which one is the older one x3

photo_2022-07-09_08-21-46.jpgphoto_2022-07-17_12-04-33 (2).jpgphoto_2022-07-17_12-04-33.jpg
(Viktor is the one at the bottom of the first picture, he's overall smaller in statue and has a slightly darker coat than Jayce)
Hi Kyle, I bet those two continue to melt your heart. Sure Vicktor is not acting?😄
We did a cage overhaul the other day!
I moved most of my existing wooden boards into the left side of the cage, tightening up spaces so they wont fall and hurt themselves
Ended up with the right half being essentially completely empty so i added a makeshift hammock for now, properly sewing it tomorrow!


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Looks pretty cozy! Did you just attach another cage?
Kinda! Its two cages stuck together, its been like this from the start though
The cage is actually an aviary, which is why its as high and the doors are smaller - wish they were bigger though x3
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I actually thought you just made some kind of cage expansion. Did you mean bigger doors, not a bigger cage?:)