Vicious attack from one bonded female to the other.

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Sep 30, 2014
I'm pretty down at the moment so long story short...

I have two, one year old females, Stara and Luna. I come home for lunch yesterday and they're running around the cage like nutters. I think it's play and observe for a few seconds before quickly coming to the conclusion that it most definitely is not.

Luna (slightly heavier one) was relentlessly chasing and biting Starla on her hind quarters, neck and ears. Fur everywhere, cut ear, generally looking terrified...All Starla wanted to do was get away but no matter where she hid Luna sought her out and attacked. Starla lept into my arms when I opened up to segregate them. Yes, segregate them. Now the cage is split in half and they're apart. Thankfully I have a large cage.

I'm baffled. They have never once had a fight. A few squeaks and shrieks here and there when one was a bit too vigorous in grooming but other than that nothing and now this?

I wonder what on earth caused it. Nothing has changed, their diet is the same. Both are healthy and bright eyed...I tried to let them back to see each other some 8 hours later but the result was the same. Luna instantly and very aggressively went for Starla.

So is that it then? Separated forever? From what I've been reading I'm unlucky and sometimes this happens and there's almost no going back.

Unfortunately it is very common for chins that seem like best friends one day to fight the next. I went to bed one night after seeing two of my chins who had been together for over a year cuddled up on a ledge, in the morning I woke up to one in the bottom of the cage in a puddle of blood and basically scalped. Absolutely nothing had changed.

Yes, keep them separated forever. Once I have one draw blood on another chin, they never get paired with another.

Keep a very close eye on the one that got attacked. Make sure she continues to eat, drink, poop, activity remains the same. Injuries can seem superficial but they can still go into shock or have underlying injuries.

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Thank you for replying. It's sad they have to be apart now. Especially as the victim, Starla, is so gentle, inquisitive and friendly. She'll be the one to suffer the most from the enforced solitude and loneliness. Luna, the seemingly fledging bully probably couldn't care less though. She's always been a bit wilder and dare I say, grumpier, although nothing even close to this level. A real shame. *sigh*.
I agree with stackie. They need to be kept apart. It's a good thing you got home when you did. That's a risk you take when you have more than one chin. Often there is no obvious reason for fights.
Sorry to hear that....

I am a newbie chin owner with two baby girls myself and hope to be able to keep them together....

I have been thinking about this problem...I dont understand why this is such a common problem... Are they not a large group/community animal in the wild???? You would think living in groups they would not have this issue... as opposed to some solitary animals...

IDK, just my two cents :)

Maybe get one of those chin snuggle buddies for Starla?

I have one from chin chic for my single fellow.

So sorry to hear about your situation. Glad they are both okay.
separate em while your not around them. :hmm:but let em bond again slowly when your are aruond them during play time, see if things gets better, :)but yah never leave 2 chins alone when your not around. too much risk too take.