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Gonna keck your butt ;)
Sep 15, 2010
So, I had a terrible night last night. Long story short: My boyfriend and I bought a new mattress, he snores like a freight train and I couldn't sleep for the life of me! I got so irritated that I drug the old mattress up the steps and plopped it down on the floor in the chinchilla room. I figured maybe, just maybe, I could get some sleep! I lay down and close my eyes trying to catch some ZZZzzzs. Tribble starts barking and just won't quit! He sounds like a squeaky toy! I turn on the lights to see what is going on and try to console him with a treat. He takes it, but just holds it in his mouth and runs around. He finally does eat it, but slowly. This is weird. He has never done this before, EVER. He always gobbles up his treats. I think, "Whatever, I'm tired" and turn the lights off. Don't ya know, that little stinker starts barking again within minutes. I give him a kiwi stick and he shows no interest. I pick him up and hold him for a couple minutes. This does the trick, because I was finally able to fall asleep.

Now, I know chinchillas bark for all kinds of reasons. When I was giving them their dust baths earlier in the night, he barked a few times too. I wondered if he barked like this every night and I just never heard him? Could it be he wants me out of his space?

I kinda just wanted to share because I thought it was interesting. Should I be concerned at all with him not wanting the treat?

This morning he was acting normal, as far as I could tell!
He knew you were there, I had the same thing happen when the a/c stopped in the house and the only room that had a/c in 100deg weather was the chin room, two alarm called all night while the other one ran for I thought was hours on the wheel.
I had the same thing happen to me earlier in the year. I had to move the chins into my room for the AC. My one boy especially, houdini, went berserk in keeping me up. And he was doing it on purpose to. Anything to make some noise. When i got up and went over to him, he would calm down. Soon as i layed back down tho, he started up again.