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Trade your FN plastic pans (without cut-outs) for my 3" deep metal bass pans?

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Aug 4, 2010
Brighton, MA
Hi I'm looking for anyone looking to get rid of their plastic pans that come with the FN? I bought metal pans with 3" sides back when I used shavings, but now that I use fleece I find them really annoying to wrap the fleece around every time I am cleaning.

I live near Boston in case there's anyone in my general vicinity! I'd like to either buy someone's plastic pans or make a deal to swap the metal pans for the plastic.

I would definitely do that but I am in the Chicago area so it would involve shipping. I am not sure how much that would be for pans but probably a lot :/
Why do you have to wrap the fleece? We buy them in 1 yard sections, fold in half, lay over the pan, and fold the excess over in to the pan. They all have a little crease like this

If I have issues with digging up corners or the folded strip I put a brick or heavy pellet dish there.