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Jul 28, 2022
New Jersey
Hello everyone, does anyone have any idea what could be going on with my guy? He keeps biting the fir off of his tail. It doesn’t look like a breaks any skin, but there is still a prominent bald spot.


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Are you actually seeing him chewing on his tail? If so it could be pain in that area, a vet visit isn't a bad idea to rule out an injury. If you don't actually see him chewing it though, I know it's common for chins to stick their tail out of the cage between the bars and can end up rubbing the fur off the tail like that over time.
I have seen him twist all the way around just to reach that area. If it was a bacterial infection or ringworm would there be a sign?
With ringworm the skin will look red and flaky. A bacterial infection I would think red and maybe swollen, maybe even blood or pus coming out. An injury to the lower spine or tail can cause discomfort and may or may not look any different from normal though.
Thank you for getting back to so quickly . I’m gonna get him a vet appoint and see what they say. Thank you again!
Hey, I'm just curious, Is there any progress?
I hope he's just alright. Please keep the updates coming.