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Mar 13, 2022
Hello. My chinchilla has had a bit of a rough week, and long story short she has to be syringe fed for about a month. We had already been given some medicine to give her, one of which she doesn’t like to the point we have to force her to take it (She is incredibly squirmy and won’t open her mouth). Now with this, I’m wondering if anyone has any tips for how to get her to eat?
Since you have been giving meds I'm guessing you already know about burrito wrapping, but if not this might help
Aside from that sometimes dipping the syringe in something tasty like apple juice or a raisin can help get them to open their mouth. Also depending on what you got for the syringe food, not all chins like critical care or every flavor (it comes in 3 flavors), as well as sometimes just adjusting the consistency can help. Some also will more willingly take it from a spoon or bowl vs being force fed from a syringe. Assuming she can still have treats you can also try mixing a small amount of her favorite treats into the syringe food (ground up so they go through with the food).