Symmetrical bald spots on my youngest chin's inner back legs?

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Jun 9, 2022
the sunshine state :)
This is Melody, she has these weird bald spots on both back legs. I just noticed it a day ago, so it's not been there long at all. Her activity levels seem fine, shes always enthusiastic about feeding time, etc. So, the bald spots are not hot to touch, don't seem to be painful, not flaky, and plus they're symmetrical so I dont think its ringworm or anything fungal. I think it's unlikely its a fur slip. Please help me figure this out, I'm worried and I'm leaving on a trip in a couple days so I want to have everything figured out by then. Thanks
I don't know but would say just keep an eye on it, see if it gets worse over the next few days, but if you are leaving in a couple days you might want to see if you can get her into the vet, depending on how long you will be gone. If you are only going away for like a week it might be ok to wait, maybe whoever is watching the chin can take she in if needed?
Aside from that the only thing I can think of is, could she have gotten her legs caught in something? Like maybe if you have a wheel in the cage between the wheel and cage or something like that?
Reminds me of the bald spots the first chinchilla I had developed under both her front legs. Concerned I took her to the vet only to be told nothing was wrong except she was over weight. The extra "padding" was rubbing the fur off. When she slimmed down the fur grew back. Since you said it was symmetrical perhaps similar is happening to Melody. As she moves her tummy is rubbing against her legs causing fur loss.

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