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Jan 29, 2016
The last few times Rue has been out for playtime, he's started to do this after an hour or so. He'll either sit outside his cage or on a fleece blanket I have hanging up to block part of the room off, and he'll just hunker down with his paws under him and flatten his ears back against his head and lay his head on the ground. Today he started putting his paws on my foot and laying his head on it. It's really cute to see, but I'm worried he might be getting startled by something (but I don't know what it could be!) or if it is just him getting tired. I leave his cage open for him to go back in whenever he wants to be done playing. Here a picture I managed to get of him doing it today. (Sorry again if it's big, I'm on my phone and don't know how to resize it.) He stayed like this for probably two minutes, and he's not usually one that likes to be held. He's definitely not humping in the picture either :') Just curious if he's unhappy or not so I can try and make him feel better.

An hour is an awfully long time for playtime. I notice mine doing this when they are getting tired, overheated or both. I know you said you let him decide when he is done playing, but they are known to over exert themselves and not know when to quit. I don't let mine out for more than 20 minutes.

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And I was worried an hour wasn't long enough! A lot of different websites I looked at said 'at least an hour' of out of cage playtime. I'll cut it back from now on so he doesn't over exert himself like that. I don't want him to get sick or hurt himself. Thanks for the feedback!
Please don't exercise your chinchilla for any period of time in excess of twenty minutes at any one time. They can over heat and take a seizure so very easily, or experience a sudden drop in blood sugar, especially if young. You are your chinchilla's guardian and need to make important decisions regarding wellbeing for your pet.
Thank you all for replying! He's no longer out for more than 20 minutes since receiving the proper information from you guys! His wellbeing is all I'm worried about for him, so I'm very happy to change things up. We're currently going through a very gradual (2 week minimum) food transition in hopes of being healthier, as well. Thanks again!